Boulevardier Classic

Here is one classic looking cart, for some great new customers at Predator Ridge. This cart has all the right touches to make it turn heads without being overly showy! It is rolling on 12″ rims, it has a custom color matched dash and the metallic paint looks amazing in the sun!

Enough chit chat let’s show you this project!


Here is the rendering for this classic cart


The start after the cart has been torn down, it’s on the lift and ready for some serious work


We start by tearing the front end apart to do a full inspection and rebuild


Here we found a hub that blew out a bearing, and this is why it is important to buy an SC Carts Custom cart, our refurbishing process is very extensive!


The front end all back together after it has been rebuilt and it not only looks like new but it is buttery smooth to operate!


On to the rear of the cart, after the complete mechanical inspection and overhaul the cart got brand new brakes, and you can see that we machined the drums as well to give them a brand new surface.



Back on the ground ready for a quick test run to check on handling and see if there are any squeaks in the chassis


After the test run it’s back on the lift to get the rear body installed


We also installed the rear taillights


As part of our road ready package the cart gets headlights and a horn, this particular customer went with the LED light package…great choice!


Here is the system that controls the lights, it is just like an automotive setup


These LED lights are bright!


Oh mommaaaa! The wheel and tire package look awesome on this cart!


Instead of the regular carbon fiber dash, we stepped it up and color matched the dash to the cart


That gives it a nice custom look


Next we installed the roof and the front underbody


Then the rear view mirror was installed


The front cowl and trim ring were next on the list and this cart is really coming along


A tinted folding windshield will protect from the elements


LED taillights finish off the rear of the custom Club Car


As a standard feature on our custom carts, each cart gets one of our awesome battery voltage meters, this way you know exactly how much juice you have in the “tank”

Well there’s not to much left to complete this beauty, so come back next week when we put the finishing touches on it and get it ready to head home to Predator Ridge Resort.

In the meantime head to our Facebook page and have a boo at what is going on at the SC Carts HQ