Top Secret Predator Ridge build! *Part 5*

We know our customers are getting excited to see their cart complete, and it is really coming along, only a few final touches on this cool ride and it will be ready for to delivery to our customers when they arrive to their summer home at Predator Ridge.


To match the blingy wheels, our customer wanted a shiny grill, so we took to our CNC machine and cut out this custom aluminum grill. Here it is off the machine ready for polishing.


With a lot of elbow grease and some polishing we got this grill shinning like the wheels


We then installed a rear view mirror.


Next came the folding tinted windshield


Also since our customers cart will sit for an extended period of time in the off season they ordered one of maintenance / chargers.


To add a bit more flash to the cart, we added some double pinstripe in chrome!

Just a couple final touches and this cart will be ready for a photo shoot and then final detail and off to you great new customers at Predator Ridge Resort!

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