The Silver Rocket *Part 3*

Back at it on this rocket! More cool touches and finishing have come together this week to keep this slick project moving ahead, check it out for yourself!


Our customers wanted something a bit different for their seats, they didn’t want our marine grade vinyl, they wanted fabric seats. Here is the custom seat skin installed, and it looks awesome!


The fabric seats look equally awesome installed on the cart.


This cart is coming together very nicely, you can see that all the elements of this cart tie together perfectly…this isn’t by accident, this is by custom making and designing parts that aren’t just pulled out of a catalog.



To keep track of the vitals and of course how fast he is cruising along, our customer opted for our information gauge. We custom cut our gauge mounts on our in house CNC machine. Here is the mount getting ready to be assembled


Next we mounted the gauge to the custom mounting bracket.


A super clean mount, this gauge is ready to be installed.


We mount the gauge right next to the signal light and headlight controls.


Our custom gauge mount puts the gauge right in the line of site, so our customers can always see what is going on!


Now hopefully we can figure out where all this wiring goes 🙂


Next we installed the custom painted front trim piece. This silver cart is looking slick!


Then it was time to install the front cowl and custom painted rocker panels.


An up close shot of these mammoth 14’s, this cart is looking awesome!

That’s where we end this week, this cart is coming along really well, and it sure looks incredible!

Have you seen how we have gotten to this stage? Check it out here!