Harley Davidson Street Glide build…nope not a golf cart *Part 3*

Slowly but surely we are making progress on this build, as the temperature starts to climb and the snow is all gone in town, the push is on to get this beast completed.


First of order of business was to get the honking 26″ wheel centered in the forks, and for that we started off with some raw stock aluminum. We cut it to approximate length.


Then we took the new wheel spacers to the lathe and finished them to the correct dimensions.


Next we installed the new wheels spacers to check for proper spacing




After we got the wheel centered we focused our attention to the back of the beast, it was time to modify the pipes. Here we are cutting out the back end of the pipe.


Look at all the stuff inside these pipes


The second pipe has an even longer baffle and more stuffing


Ah there we go! Nice and clear view through the pipe.


With the pipes drilled out and the wheel centered it was time to take the front end apart for some adjustments


Here it is all torn apart.


Because we are doing a single disc and caliper on the front of the bike we wanted to clean up the right side caliper mount.


The first step was to rough cut the mounting bracket off.


Then we smoothed it completely.


Here’s another view of it all smoothed out.


Next we reinstalled the exhaust and test fitted the stretched bags. This is with the air suspension all the way down. We not only want this bike to look cool but we want to be able to ride the heck out of it! So we stuck with a 4″ stretch bag. Once we air up the suspension we will have more then enough clearance.

Alright, well we got a lot done, but there is still a lot ahead of us to get this bike to where we want it to be. So follow along as we keep on with the build.

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