Dynamic Blue Eagle Eye – Predator Ridge *Part 5*

This custom has been hanging out in the background for a bit now, but it is getting closer for it to be heading home, so we have carried on with the build and it is almost complete.


Here we installed the power for this cart! AGM maintenance free batteries, they cost a few bucks more but our customers love the added performance and zero maintenance these batteries provide.


To ensure the AGM batteries are kept at the top of their game our customer had us install one of our battery maintainers/trickle chargers . These keep your batteries in top shape!


This cart has our Speedster motor in it, and will be used on the streets of Predator Ridge Resort, so we install a rear view mirror so our customer can see everyone he is passing 🙂


Next we installed the new front windshield and one of our custom grills, this grill is getting a custom decal that will soon be added.


With the cart now powered up we decided to take it for a quick test run, and man does it go! We stopped and snapped a picture of this paint in the sun! How cool is this!

This cart only needs a couple finishing touches and it will be ready for our new customer at Predator Ridge. The season is coming quickly and we can’t wait to see all of our new creations heading to their new homes!

Have you seen part 4 of this great build?