The Silver Rocket *Part 2*

We are back on the Silver Rocket this week and we must say, this cart is looking great! We have made some great progress on it. We never get tired of 14″ rims and with the painted trim this cart is killing it!


We left last time with the front end being torn apart, now it’s time to address all the front end components.


Here we are starting to rebuild the front end, after everything as completely disassembled, one of our secrets to keeping our chassis quiet is greasing the bushings upon reassembly.


This cart is getting one of our information gauges, which includes a speedometer function, so we need to drill the front hub to accept the speedo pickup.


Drilled and counter sunk ready for the bolt.


Here is the front end all reassembled, not only does it look new but it functions just as good as it looks.


The drilled hub is reinstalled along with the speedometer pickup.


Wow!!! Check out the 14’s on this rocket, a slight upgrade from the stock 18″ Club Car wheels!


We moved onto the rear of the cart to give it the same mechanical attention as the front end got.


This is what the drums looked like when we pulled them off, no problem we will get them back to 100%


We clamped the brake drums into our lathe and turned them back to new.


Quite a difference between the two! This is why it is so important to buy a cart that has gone through our refurbishing process!


The axles and brakes get the same attention as the drums, and the end result is as good as new!


The machined drums are reinstalled and we are ready to move onto the suspension and frame.


With the rear end all complete it was time to install the other 2 custom rims


Now we are getting somewhere! What a great look with the rear painted underbody.


Next came the silver body, this wheel and tire package gives this cart one cool look!


The front color matched bumper and LED headlight were next to get installed. You can see the horn as well. This is all part of the road ready package the cart is getting.


A club and ball washer get installed on the driver side.


And a cooler on the passenger side.


The new steering column arrived from Club Car today, so in it went!


As part of the road ready kit we needed to install the brake light actuator.


For our customers who leave their carts sit at their summer house during the off season we recommend our SC Carts 48 volt trickle chargers. This year we have made it even easier to use by installing a charging port in the basket.


Attached to that brake light actuator are the brake lights, and they bring some color to the back of the cart!


WHOA! What a week of progress, this cart is coming together! We have to keep telling customers that come in that this rocket is already spoken for, everyone wants to take it home.

Have you seen part 1 of this build?