The Silver Rocket

This week we have started on another very cool build for our customers at Predator Ridge Resort. The Silver Rocket isn’t just a clever name, this cool custom is getting some SC Carts performance upgrades that will let this little rocket live up to it’s name.

Let’s get cranking!


Here is a rendering of what this sporty machine is going to look like once it is complete!


Because there is so much paint work on these custom carts, we decided to get ahead of it and get the paint booth working!


Here are the underbodies and trim pieces all primed and ready for paint.


With the trim pieces painted and drying we moved onto the main bodies. Here is the rear body with the basecoat laid down.


Here is the front cowl with several layers of clear applied. This color is fantastic, we chose an Audi R8 silver for this cart…it was the right choice!


Trim pieces ready to be assembled.


The rear underbody waiting patiently for the chassis to be ready.


With most all the paint work complete, with the exception of the roof, it was time to handle the chassis end of things.


The fellas just starting in on tearing the front end apart, getting ready to give it a complete rebuild.

That’s where we will stop this week, we have made some great progress on this cart, but be sure to come back next week when things really start coming together.

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