Special Vehicle Division cart with our new SC Drive! SVD Project 2 *Part5*

We are back making progress on this amazing build! Our SVD carts take time, but they are well worth it when we are done with them. Enough with the talking lets show you what we have been up to!


For the SVD build only a set of custom 14″ rims is going to cut it!


These rims are awesome, if you look closely you can see the disc brake peeking out the backside


We got some low profile tires mounted up and got this machine on the ground. Then we proceeded to design our 4th generation Club Car Precedent roof system. This will be our production roof system which we will be making available for sale to the public.


Here we mocked up a lower windshield frame portion to finish off the look of the SC Carts custom roof system.


Being satisfied with the design we modeled it in our Solidworks 3D software and then sent the program to our CNC router table.


Next we clamped it in place for final fitment, it looks cool!


We tack welded it in place and pulled the clamps off.


We then pulled the roof off and final welded it.


Our roof system gives the Precedent a very modern look.


A final shot from the front.

This cart is going to be crazy when it’s finished…just how crazy you ask? How about checking out this test run! SC CARTS SC DRIVE TEST RUN

If you haven’t seen part 4 check it out now.