Dynamic Blue Eagle Eye – Predator Ridge *Part 4*

This project is over the peak and is on the home stretch, this week we did some custom work and add some SC Carts love to the project! It just keeps getting better and better!


This cool cat of a cart is getting an information gauge. This is a great option so that when our customers buddies catch up to him at the club house he can let them know at what speed he blew by them :0 not that any of us have a competitive spirit in us. Here is our custom mounting gauge that we CNC machined in house.


Look how tidy that looks, what a great view through the custom steering wheel, notice the blue stitching to match the cart.


We also took the polished steering column and brushed it to match the wheels and other silver accents on the cart, its all about the details! That’s what makes an SC Cart an SC Cart!


We cleaned up all the wiring and re installed the dash. Looking good!


WOW!!! Now that is one sharp looking floor, we should be including a set of SC Carts slipped with every cart!


Another angle shows how the wheels, the side sills, the silver stripping and the brushed steering column all tie together perfectly.


Here’s a parting shot from the front, super tidy setup, with the turn signals, horn, headlights and information gauge all in one location.

It was a quick but important update this week! We still have a couple more tricks up our sleeves on this build so don’t miss out on the next post.

In the meantime check out last weeks update right here!