Harley Davidson Street Glide build…nope not a golf cart *Part 2*

How much fun are we having with this build! We made a bit more progress on it and although making bringing the cool factor up to the next level.


We moved the bike to our cart lift and added the lift accessories needed to use the lift with the bike.


Then we got the Street Glide in the air and started in on tearing the rear end apart.


Out comes the wheel so we can pull the fender. We also removed the rear shocks as well.


Here she is with the rear end all pulled apart!


Now before we go to much further we have to address the typical rust location on the swing arm. This is from the bike getting rocks and gravel kicked up on it from riding.


First thing we did was completely clean the area, then we sanded all of the surface rust out and finally cleaned it with wax and grease remover.


Next we used a rust converter spray to ensure that if there would be no more rusting in this location.


Then we laid down some black primer.


We only want to do this once and know that it is going to be a problem again, so we sprayed on several quotes of rubberized rock guard, once this stuff sets up it as tough as a alligators snout!


Not only is it durable, but it looks great too!


With the swing arm drying we moved to our suspension modification. We ordered in some air shocks, we then proceeded to press the bushings out as they are bushings with a seam and we didn’t want that.


Here are the shocks with the bushings pressed out.


Next it was time to get some solid stock steel cut so we could make some on piece bushings.


With our raw bushings cut it was time to clamp them in the vice and get to boring the center of the solid stock out.


4 solid bushings! All ready to get pressed back into the shock eyes.


On to the shop press and in go the bushings!


Time to give them a test fit.


We re installed the factory pipe and rear wheel to check for clearance. Here it is all aired up.


Here it is with the air let out.


We couldn’t resist installing one bag to give it a bit better perspective. Here it is all aired up with the factory length bag.


Here is with the air let out. The stretched bags will be arriving later this week, it will give the bike an even lower look.


Being pretty satisfied with the rear end we moved on to installing the front brake rotor.


Here it is just being installed.


With the rotor installed we now take the time to properly align the wheel within the front end.


That was a lot of work taken care of, but there is still a ton of work ahead! Be sure to check it out next time and also have a look at part one of this build here!