Harley Davidson Street Glide build…nope not a golf cart

So here is something a little different then everyone is use to seeing from SC Carts, but since we have many customers who are also motorcycle riders we thought we would share this build with our blog followers. After all SC started off as Simolo Customs, which was custom bikes before we ever did custom golf carts 🙂

This should be a fun one for everyone, follow along and checkout what we do when we aren’t working!


So what does SC Carts do with a mint condition 2007 Harley Street Glide with 15 000kms on the speedometer?


Tear it apart of course, just like everything we do, there’s no way it can be left stock!


Off with the bags, the seat and a couple other items.


These parts have had their last ride on this Harley, we are sure they will get a new lease on life when they go to a new home.


Next the outer fairing was removed to expose a lot of wiring.


Off came the inner fairing and signal lights.


Next on the chopping block was the stock HD wheel.


Then came the removal of the front fender.


That didn’t take to long to tear the front end apart.


Oh goody some new parts from the good folks at Arlen Ness. New raked triple trees.


Check out the 11 degree raked tree’s with the fork tubes back in.


Another angle, it already looks better!


Wowzer!!! Now that is a tire? How big you ask, well it is for a 26″ rim. You can see the stock rim in the background.


We went with the classic look with a twist, a 26″ rim with king fat spokes. The rim is powder coated black and the spokes are chrome.


After making several calls around town, no shop wanted to tackle the installation of the tire on our custom rim…can’t really blame them, it’s not every day you are faced with installing a tire on a 26″ rim. So we resorted to zap straps, soap and a couple sore knees.


Almost on, had to call in the bar…very…very carefully!


Yahoooo!!! It’s on, now time for a break and maybe a short nap.


We cut the straps and seated the tire, now that is one sweet looking tire and wheel combo.


Wow! Look at the difference between the factory rim.


How sweet is this setup! That is one sick front end.

Make sure to keep checking back for this build, next we will tackle the rear end, and we have a couple cool tricks up our sleeve for that! In the meantime head to our Facebook page and like it so you can see the next time we post on the awesome build!