Sporty Green Golf Machine *part 2*

The holiday season is coming up quickly, and this green custom golf cart would look perfect under the Christmas tree, wouldn’t it!?! That’s right, this buggy was completed this week and has landed on SC Carts’ inventory page…the Sporty Green Golf Machine is now rolling on some sweet 12″ Remington rims! See how this cart came together with all its finishes:


The custom rims arrived and we couldn’t wait to install the Remington 12′ rims! These rims look awesome!


Since the cart has a bit of a sporty look going on we thought we would whip up a unique one off grill for it. It turned out amazing!


The grill and the paint give it the look of having a air scoop, sporty right!


Everything comes together, from the rims to the LEDs and of course that awesome grill.


Our custom SC Carts floor mat with our side sills are a killer combination.


Yep that is snow you are seeing! This cart looks awesome outside.


The SC Carts upholstery department never lets us down!


One final shot of this beauty, this is one head turning cart!

If you are looking to stand out in the crowd then you have found your cart. Thanks for following along and be sure to check out our Facebook page to keep up with all the crazy stuff we have going on at the SC HQ!



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