Dynamic Blue Eagle Eye – Predator Ridge

With a few flakes in the air & a sputter of snow on the ground, it’s hard to believe that in just a few short months, we’ll have made it through another Okanagan winter. And by “a few” it appears that it will be 4 months until this next wild custom will be wandering through the streets of Predator Ridge. So while we wait for the snow to come and then melt again :), we are warming things up in the SC Carts shop with another custom cart making it’s debut on both our lift and the blog this fine morning!


Now this next cart is LOADED. It will feature goodies like Discover AGM batteries, a brand new 12″ rim & tire package, one-off custom upholstery, dual coolers, custom floor mat, SC Carts Speedster motor, information gauge and more!


A complete tear down of the front end was the first order of business for this classy custom.


New bushings, greased, re torqued and detailed this front end is just like new…if not better!


How about these awesome 12″ rims, these give the cart such a cool stance, with just a bit of kick out.


Another shot of the front end all complete with the custom wheel package.


Now where did the motor go….?


While Marty is looking for the motor we carried on doing the mechanical overhaul, the brakes got the full SC Carts treatment!


Mechanical CHECK!!! Here she is sitting on the 12’s and looking sweet!


A new bucket harness for the light package installed.


Well since we couldn’t find the stock motor, we decided to put this bad boy in instead! Yup the SC Carts Speedster will get you moving, with speeds pushing 27mph!


On the ground and ready for more upgrades, this cart chassis looks great and has one serious stance!

Ok now don’t forget to come check up on this one next week, we have some cool things to show you…like custom upholstery, and some more wiring for the information gauge. See you then!