Special Vehicle Division cart with our new SC Drive! SVD Project 2 *Part4*

Back on the SVD this week and we are making some good progress. This week we tackled the controller install and the wiring of the new SC Drive system! This is one cool build!


First we had to make some room for the monster sized controller and cables.


That’s better!


Next we installed the controller and solenoid on the custom aluminum plate.


Then it was time to install the controller into the cart.


Here it is from the battery side, we fed the factory wiring harness through the custom cutout in the plate.


Next we reinstalled the motor and ran all the large gauge cable from the controller to the motor. This thing is going to be an animal!


With the wiring completed we installed a fully rebuilt steering box.


Then the steering shaft was installed.

That’s where we end off this week, just a quick update and we are off!

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