Top Secret Predator Ridge build! *Part 3*

We are at it again on this build, this will be the last update until the new year as this cart isn’t getting delivered until 2016. But before we set this beauty aside we thought we would give you one more look at it!


Our customer wanted a locking dash, but we knew the carbon dash wouldn’t go with this custom build so….


decided to paint it! After the adhesion promoter, we laid down the sealer!


next came the custom basecoat.


After several coats of clear we pulled it out of the booth and installed the locks.


Check out that paint shinning in the shop lights!


Custom House of Kolor paint gives this front cowl an awesome look!


Now this girl is starting to come together.


Dash installed and looking proper!


Check out how much flake there is showing through the candy.


The black roof tops off the build and this cart is starting to look real good!

Ok time to shelf this project until after the new year! We have some cool parts coming in that are really going to take this cart to the next level! Keep an eye out for this build to resurface!

In the meantime check out part 2 of the build!