Satin Red Golf Machine!

Here’s one cool rocket in the making. Since we do all of our painting in house we have the ability to do some cool finishes and this is one of those cools finishes.

This cart isn’t flat and it isn’t gloss, it’s right in the middle!

Front end overhauled and ready for it’s new lease on life!

Rear end got the same treatment as the front end and is now as good as new!

On with the 12″ Flex wheels! These are the dark tint finish and they look hot!

Front underbody was next on the list and it is bringing the rocket together.


Here is the cool paint! The satin red finish looks amazing.


How cool is this! We love the look, and it will really make this cart standout from the crowd.


See what we are talking about. Out of the booth and onto the body, what a cool look for this SC Carts custom.


We added a nice touch with some dual charcoal pinstripes, sporty!!!



New factory Club Car windshield installed to keep the bugs out of your teeth!


SC Carts custom grill with LED headlights.


Bonjour OUI OUI! The french stitch looks awesome on these seats!

Ok we will leave some excitement for next week! In the meantime check out of Facebook page and like it!!!