Top Secret Predator Ridge build! *Part 2*

Hey we’re back with this top secret build, and things are looking great this week! The seats are one of a kind and so is the paint. Have a look and see what we have been up to!


Moving right along, we have installed the front underbody and front roof supports.

Next we pulled the body out of the paint both and got it installed.


Wait until this beauty is in the sunshine!

Next came the basket/seat support, it’s going to hold the awesome one of seat design.


Speaking of seats, here is the seat back being finished up, almost ready to be installed on the cart.


Check out the different materials we choose to give these seats a truly one off look.


Next the seat bottom skin was installed, what a cool pattern!

Here are the beauties installed on the cart.

Another angle, this is going to be one cool ride!

Here it is with the rear roof supports installed, it's really coming together!

Here it is with the rear roof supports installed, it’s really coming together!


This is where we stop this week, be sure to come back next week, when we are going to install the custom dash, the front cowl and some other goodies!

Have a look at part one if you haven’t seen the start of this build!