Special Vehicle Division cart with our new SC Drive! SVD Project 2 *Part3*

Progress is a beautiful thing! This cart is going to be one amazing beast! We can’t wait to get it rolling so we can take it for a test run! Have a look at why we are so excited!

Here’s Marty, lining up the rear end and clamping it in place with the factory U bolts.

Next he installed a new HD front leaf spring and tow point.

This cart gets brand new brake cables with the updated crimp on ends.

The new rear shocks are installed along with the disc brake system getting hooked up.

The rear end is ready for our SC Drive motor system and the new brake cables will help to harness the beasts power!

The front end is all buttoned up, just waiting on new Club Car hubs.

Next we installed the mid body and the rear underbody supports.

There she is! The crown jewel of this build, our new SC DRIVE by SC Carts, this is the first install of our new AC drive system. We can’t wait to give it a try!

The motor looks awesome in there! Now you can see why this build got the disc brake upgrade!

Alright I think we have built up enough excitement for this build! Stay tuned for the next update you aren’t going to want to miss it.

In the meantime check out Part 2 of this build!