Top Secret Predator Ridge build!

This is about the only time this cart will be considered top secret, you will know what we mean as soon as you see it!

We started this build off with a rendering to give you an idea of the end product, let’s get rocking!


With our cool rendering software we were able to come up with this rendering to give you a good idea of the finished product!


But before we get to the finish product we have to start at the beginning! In this case we are starting with a 2011 Club Car Precedent chassis!


The front end was pulled apart and each and every bushing was inspected, greased and replaced if needed! The front end now looks and functions just like the day it left the factory!


Another head on look of the front end, our guys do an amazing job hear in the SC Carts shop!


On to the rear end where we do a complete overhaul on the braking system, and while we are at it we hand brush the frame, even though you won’t see it!


Next we install the machined and freshly refinished drums!


A shot of the rear after doing all the mechanical business back here!


Of course the other side gets the same treatment!


Here we open the control panel to make sure everything is at it should be. These carts are Excel Precedents, which is awesome because the additional braking and extra features will be well received where this cart is going!


How about these amazing seat skins! Our upholstery department never ceases to amaze us! We come up with an idea and they get it done!


With the upholstery looking amazing this cart needs an equally amazing paint job! After the body had been sealed we hit with some black base coat from House of Kolor.


With the base dry it was time to step it up a notch. Our customer spent a lot of time researching colors, from gold, burgundy, to bright orange! But in the end they sent us through a request for this sultry concoction of House of Kolors finest!


House of Kolors never lets us down! This rich color gives a deep tangerine/rootbeer look and when the light hits it, the custom metajuls bring this paint job to life!


What a cool color! Wait until the paint is paired with the big chrome rims and custom upholstery!


With the paint drying it was time to install this little number! The voltage reducer for the light kit.


It installs cleanly, tucked away from the elements.


We installed the rear underbody in preparation for the custom painted body!

That’s it for this week! Come back next week as we start really putting this show stopper together! It’s going to be a beauty.

Check out our Facebook page, we might just put a sneak peek up during the week!