Special Vehicle Division cart with our new SC Drive! SVD Project 2 *Part2*

We are back in the top secret lab at the SC Carts HQ, working away on the SVD project (ok it’s not really a secret lab it’s just another part of the shop) Anyways we are working away, getting the nuts and bolts of the project together, rebuilding this cart from the ground up!


With the chassis assembled, we installed the front underbody support.


Next it was time to install a brand new set of Monroe front shock absorber’s.


Then the front suspension bracket was installed. This ties the front of the frame together.


Next we installed the fully refurbished a arms.


With the front end come together it was time to move to the back of the cart. In went some custom soft ride suspension.


Next we installed the completely overhauled rear end, and it looks amazing!


How about the heavy stopping power with these big disc brakes!


Next we installed the rear bumper and bumper corners to tie the whole frame together!

This cart is coming together now and looking great! We are just starting to get to cool stuff so stick around it, going to be one amazing cart!

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