Special Vehicle Division cart with our new SC Drive! SVD Project 2 *Part1*

Well here we go again with one of our crazy builds, and again we are pushing the design limits with this cart. You might remember our last SVD (Special Vehicle Divsion) build, the Wakeboat inspired cart, if you missed it check it out here

This cart is going to be another first for SC Carts as we are featuring our new SC Drive system which is an AC package, this cart is going to be a real performer! Ok lets cut the chatter and get atter!


We start you off at the end of the tear down. We are pulling this build right down to the nuts and bolts.


Almost all stripped down and ready to send the frame off to powder coat.


Just like a magical cooking show, this frame is back from powder and ready to evolve into something amazing!


Because this cart is going to have some real get up and go, we are doing a full tear down on the rear end to inspect everything.


Here is the rear end all pulled apart, and ready to be inspected.


While we had the rear end apart we went ahead and refinished the gear housing to give it that just out of the factory look. Next we added some silicon in preparation for reassembly.


Now that is starting to look great!


This rear end isn’t going back together stock however, we are upgrading the braking system on this one.


Yes sir, if it’s going to be fast it needs to stop well, and rear disc’s are the answer.


Of course red calipers are a must on a hot rod like this!


We have added some custom touches to the frame and the rear end is all ready to accept the new SC Drive system!

We think that is enough of an introduction for this week! Just enough to peak your interest, come back next week and we are sure to hold your attention!