Predator Ridge Classy Candy Overhaul! *Part 3*

OH MOMMA!!! This cart is coming together and it is looking amazing, we cannot wait to get it out in the sun and see what we have created!

You are going to love this one!


While the custom paint dries in the paint booth we got back to the finish wiring on the beast of a controller.


While we wait for our shipment of SC Carts custom motors to arrive we completed the upgraded wiring.


WOW! Check out the body, what a sweet color, wait until it hits the sunshine.


On went the black roof, this cart is really looking classy.


A brand new black club cover was installed.


Next we programmed and cut a custom bracket on our CNC table for holding the information gauge.


A little bit of elbow grease and some polishing compound and we have an awesome looking gauge bracket.


We custom made it so the display perfectly showed through the steering wheel. Checkout how we made this custom bracket here


Now to deal with all the wiring 🙂


We showed you the custom upholstery skins, well here is the custom upholstery installed. We even did some custom contouring of the cushions to give it some more comfort and style.


Next we installed the front cowl, we can’t get over how sweet this color is.


Our customer also opted for one of our 48 volt trickle chargers, these are a great addition for anyone who uses their cart on a seasonal basis.


We got the wiring all cleaned up and the dash back together. This cart is on the home stretch now.


It’s really come a long way and man does it look amazing. Just a few more finishing touches and some custom programming of the motor controller and this classy Precedent will be heading home to Predator Ridge.

Make sure to head to our Facebook page to see this cart completed before next Tuesday’s upload!

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