Predator Ridge Resort White Custom!

We have another dandy heading up to Predator Ridge, this cart is starting out as a black 2014 and will end as a custom white 4 seater! With the white paint, custom upholstery and custom rims this cart will have an awesome look and drive just as well, have a look for yourself.


We wasted no time getting this cart apart, first was the roof and the golf accessories.


Then it was everything else!


We took the cart outside and pressure washed every nook and cranny! Being a 2014 demo it was in virtually new condition.


With the mechanical inspection complete we moved on to the installation of the body and rear seat kit.


Next it was time to get this people mover in the air so we could install some HD suspension and the taillights.


Brand new HD suspension will give this cart the support it needs, no matter what or who it’s hauling.


Next we got the front finished up with the headlight package and the front cowl with the SC Carts custom grill! We capped it off with a black roof!


The seat back was next to be installed, now we are just waiting on the upholstery department to finish up the rear set of seats.

This is where we leave off this week, the cart is getting delivered this week, we had to special order in the rims for this beauty so they will get installed at the customers house as soon as they arrive. You can bet we will take some pictures of it with the new wheels and tires installed! Come back next week.