SC Charcoal Sportster Build

Here’s another one of our own creations, this cart turned out awesome and is already getting huge interest! It won’t last long in the showroom we can guarantee that. With sporty 12″ rims and matching tail stripes this charcoal beauty will look amazing in any garage!


We nailed out the mechanical end of this little rocket, so that we could get onto the cosmetic end of things.


We started by laying down some epoxy sealer, some metallic silver and then got to masking in the custom tail stripes.


Next we followed it up with some metallic basecoat and then pulled off the masking, looking good!


Several layers of clear and the body was ready to be installed.


Next came the black top and rear seat back.


Checkout the double stitched diamond upholstery! Oh ya we are stepping it up.


Nailed it! The custom wheel and tire package showed and they are spot on!


Of course the cart needs LED taillights, so that’s what it got.


The custom SC Carts grill finishes off the front end!


Outside it goes for its photo shoot, what a beauty!


Our custom floor mat and electric fuel gauge finish off the interior.


The sun even came out for the shoot, truly a head turner!


This cart is now in inventory and if you hurry it could be in your garage!