Predator Ridge Classy Candy Overhaul!

Sometimes when you have something for a long time and it’s well taken care of it just needs a little updating to bring some life back to it…and a little or should we say a lot of updating is what this customer is having us do to his cart.

This soon to be rocket, is getting a total overhaul from the electronics, to the paint and everything in between, here we go!


Here we are picking up the cart from our customers home.


In the shop and ready to be torn down.


That didn’t take long, with a quick tear down and pressure wash, it is time to further disassemble the cart.


We pulled the motor, this should give you an indication of what is to come for this cart!


The controller and wiring has been pulled!


Here it is all stripped down and we can start the fun stuff, building it into one sweet custom cart!

Make sure to come back next week, as this cart starts to transform into one sweet machine!