Winter Storage Tips {For Electric Club Car Precedents}

It’s getting to be that time of the season again and for those of you who don’t use your carts all year round it means storage time.

There are so many different ideas, tips and tricks even some black magic for storing your carts during the off season, and this has many customers heads spinning…but we are here to clear it up and make it simple.

Storing your cart for the off season really isn’t that difficult but it is very important! Taking a little time now to properly store your cart now will make a huge difference for the next season.

Let’s start with the basic stuff:

  • This is a great time of year to give your cart a good hosing down and a scrub, get in there and clean it out, polish it up and if you have time even give it a good wax. Your paint will thank you.
  • Check your tire pressure, if you run your tires a little bit low on pressure this is a good time to air them up to their max recommend pressure, this will help keep them true and round from being parked so long
  • Chalk your wheels and don’t engage your parking brake, leaving your cart parked without the brakes engaged will help to ensure your cables won’t stretch and it will also ensure your brake pads don’t seize to your brake drums
  • The Precedent has two grease nipples on the front steering spindles…GREASE THEM! If you don’t have  a grease gun borrow one, if you do have one lend it to one of your fellow Precedent owners. Your front suspension and pocket book will thank you next season.

Once you get the cart all tidied up and greased up it’s time to move onto the DREADED BATTERIES! Ok it’s really not that scary and it is really quite simple but this is the most IMPORTANT information to follow IT”S ALWAYS A GOOD IDEA TO WEAR GLOVES AND EYE PROTECTION WHEN WORKING WITH BATTERIES:

  • All Precedents have a run/tow mode switch located under the seat, once you get your cart where you want it for storage, put your cart in tow mode. This will isolate the controller from the batteries so if you happen to short something out while working under the seat you won’t take out your controller.
  • If you haven’t cleaned your batteries while you were cleaning the cart this is the time do it. Check your battery posts for corrosion, if you have corrosion mix up some baking soda and water and give them a good scrub with a tooth brush (preferably not a good tooth brush and especially not your significant others) Rinse the terminals clean
  • Once the batteries are nice and tidy it is a good time to check the tightness of all your connects. So take your wrench or socket and go around and ensure all the nuts on the batteries are tight.
  • Next check the water level in your batteries, of course they will be at the perfect level because you have been maintaining them all season long 😉 But if by some chance they are low, top them up with some distilled water.
  • Once the checks are all complete on the batteries it is time to coat the battery connections with an anti corrosion spray. If you don’t have any then you can use good old Vasoline, this will ensure no corrosion occurs during the off season.

OFF SEASON BATTERY CHARGING, this is a big and also the number one call we get come spring, follow these steps to ensure your cart will be ready to roll when you are ready to use it next season:

With the cart now clean, the batteries tidied up and the switch in tow mode the last thing to do is get the cart charged up. So plug your charger in and let it rip! Keeping your batteries charged in the off season is the only way to ensure that your batteries will have a long life and be ready for action next season. Regardless of what you have read, what your great uncle Bob says, or what your buddy down at the Water Buffalo meetings has been doing for the past 2 decades. The truth is the only way to ensure long life out of your batteries is to keep them watered and keep them charged and that includes the off season. So here are two sure fire ways, and the only way we at SC Carts, keep our carts maintained in the off season:

1. The best hands down, no argument way to keep your batteries in the best off season condition is with one of our battery maintainers. The battery maintainer monitors your battery voltage and ensures your batteries charge is topped right up. It also has a special pulse function that breaks down battery stratification which ensures a long life out of your battery pack. The charger installs in minutes, and you simply plug it in and forget it! When you come back next season your cart is ready to roll! This charger retails for $199.95 CDN and worth every penny of it! Buy yours today!

2. The second option, although not as simple and effective as the first, is still a good option. Set your self a reminder, or put it on your calendar to charge your cart once a month. A good idea would be to get in the habit of doing it on the first of each month. This means plugging in your cart over night and unplugging it the next morning. Never leave your charger plugged in for months on end, this is unsafe! If you are not at your home where the cart is for the extended off season, then you will need someone to come charge your cart for you.

These are the only two ways we at SC Carts keep our batteries charged in the off season, it’s simple, it’s effective and best of all your battery performance will thank you for it!

In closing there are a couple other little tricks we like to do:

  • Get your self a rubber mat and cut several piece to go under each wheel of your cart, the more you stack under the better your tires will be once you get back to using the cart. Golf cart tires are made of a very soft compound, so sitting on your hard concrete floor for extending periods of time will make flat spots on the wheels and give you a very rough ride for the first while of use in the new season
  • If you have a golf bag cover, store it in the open position, it will help to ensure you minimize the creasing of the window

If you follow these simple tips your cart will be ready to rock and roll when the heat hits!