The Vegas Pearl Dream Machine *part 4*

The Vegas Pearl Dream Machine is now complete! We certainly don’t mind looking at this gorgeous cart while it awaits delivery in our show room. Without further ado, check out this gem now that it’s complete:


Our customers chose a high end wood and billet steering wheel, because the steering wheel is so cool they didn’t want to cover it up. No problem! We just headed to our CNC machine and cut out a custom card holder in clear plexi


A custom OEM Mercedes emblem was added to the hood, it needed a little something extra so again we went to the CNC router and cut an old school Mercedes grill to finish the look off.


Another shot of the amazingly classy seats!


The finished cart turned out awesome and is exceptionally classy!


In the showroom, all lit up waiting for delivery this week!

We had a great time building this cart and the end result shows that! It is going to be turning heads at Gallagher’s Canyon Golf Course!

Part 3 can be found here!