The Vegas Pearl Dream Machine *part 3*

Classy. Elegant. Dashing. Chic. It doesn’t matter what you call this cart – it is gorgeous and so close to being complete! We won’t waste another minute & will get down to showing you all the cosmetic & fun touches that were added to this cart this week:

We are just waiting on the custom steering wheel & custom hood emblem to come in and this one of a kind custom will be ready to head to its new home at Gallagher’s Canyon in Kelowna!


We start back in the paint booth laying down this classy color.


Adding a bit of style with the polished steering column. This will tie in nicely with the wheels.


The body installed and the cart is begging for custom wheels.


Back in the booth with the roof prepped and ready for paint.


But before we can lay any paint down, we lay down some epoxy sealer.


AHHH now that looks great, amazing how the custom wheels bring the carts to another level!


Our customers wanted their names on the side of the cart but also wanted our SC Carts as well, so we changed things up a bit. We matched our SC Carts with the font and color of their names.


Here’s an up close shot of the custom wheels, and if you look really close you can see our customers names, in some lights the name is really apparent and in others it almost blends in with the cart.


Here’s that custom painted roof installed! The look is coming together. We are just waiting on the front emblem to arrive, then we can install the front cowl as well.


A mirror is always handy, especially when cruising on the road.


How about some custom upholstery! Well ok then, here it is!


This upholstery has the perforated finish and looks great!


The club cover brings a little black to the roof, which ties everything together nicely!


This custom build is almost complete – just a couple more items to arrive and some finishing touches and this beauty gets to go home to Gallagher’s Canyon in Kelowna BC!

If you haven’t seen part 2 of this classy build, you can catch up here!