The Vegas Pearl Dream Machine

We’ve got two fresh starts on the blog this week — say hello to the Vegas Pearl Dream Machine! This 2011 custom Club Car Precedent will be fully refurbished {as with all our carts!} & feature 12″ silver & pearl rims as well as custom paint, upholstery, & more!



Here is the 2011 Precedent sitting on the lift after it’s tear down and pressure wash…time to get to work!


Time to start in on the front end, here we are pulling the entire front end off so that we can ensure everything will function like new.


All torn down, time to inspect each component.


The rear end gets the same treatment.


New brake pads are installed after the braking system has been cleaned and inspected.


Here is the front end after being completely overhauled, not only does it function like new, but it looks like new also!

This is where we stop on this cart for this week, we are waiting for some of the key components to arrive and then we can start on the cosmetic end of this soon to be beauty! Come back next week, you won’t want to miss it!