Speedy Speedway Blue Custom Cruiser

We love the color of this next cart! The Tacoma Speedway Blue is a color we’ve adored and wanted to put on a custom cart for far too long and we couldn’t have been more excited when it was chosen for the next build. Who doesn’t love this color?

26_main_fThe next custom golf cart up on our lift will feature a private speed setting with a top speed of 19 mph, Discover AGM batteries {these babies are low maintenance, have longer run time, & faster charging} & black upholstery as well as some other sweet touches!

This past week, we completed the tear down process to get the cart to the chassis, then completed the refurbish, and got started in the paint booth. Check out the progress:


Up on the lift with the front end completely disassembled.


Here’s the completely rebuilt front end, this machine will handle like new!


With the complete mechanical end of things complete, including new rear brakes and heavy duty rear suspension for the rear seat kit. It’s time to move onto the cosmetic end of things and bring this machine back to it’s former showroom glory! But first it’s time to hit the paint booth.


The factory body hanging in the paint booth ready for some color.


Before we lay down any of the awesome blue, we need to lay down our epoxy sealer.


This color even looks amazing in the can!


After several coats of base we moved onto several coats of clear, and this body is looking unreal!


What a cool color, just wait until we bring it all together!

Our customers picked some great features for this cart along with some awesome color choices, this is going to be one very cool cruising machine up at Predator Ridge! Check back next week to see the completed cart, or if you want to see a sneak peak of more progress be sure to head to our Facebook page  you never know what we might post!