The Phantom Silver Bell – Custom Precedent Edition *part 2*

Signed, sealed, & delivered! The Phantom Silver Bell was delivered to its new home at the new modern Whitetail neighborhood at Predator Ridge this past weekend. Check out the custom Club Car Precedent at it’s new home:


Wondering how we got to there from this stage last week?


Take a look at the process:


We had a last minute wheel change, the customer opted for the awesome 12″ Aggressors and we were excited that he did, it finishes off the look of this sporty cart!


Sometimes it doesn’t matter how much you plan or organize things just don’t go as planned. This cart was scheduled to be delivered at 3pm on Friday and Friday morning we still didn’t have the body for it! It was back ordered from Club Car…but we weren’t going to let that hold us up. With some organization from our front end, we were able to intercept the delivery truck and get the body to the shop at 10:30 am.


And the race is on! Luckily enough we knew it was going to be close for the body to show on time so we had prepared everything ahead of time that we could. Here the body is finally on the cart and we could move ahead.


Taillights and the rear seat kit installed, along with the seat basket and roof supports.


The front bumper with the bumper extensions was next.


Then the front cowl was installed, and just because we were short on time didn’t mean we were going to sacrifice our fit and finish. This cart still got the double pinstripes and it is looking awesome!


The roof caped it off and next was the new OEM upholstery.


A windshield and some finishing touches along with our pre delivery detailing and it was time to get the cart in the trailer.


We made it! Here is a picture of the cart being unloaded at Predator Ridge.


You can see the SC Carts delivery truck with the cart and in the distance the new Whitetail homes, where this cart is going to live!

Well we made it and it turned out very cool! We already got word that this cart was put to work over the long weekend cruising around Predator!


Are you all caught up on part 1?