Custom Precedent Cabin Cruising Border Bandit *part 2*

The Border Bandit is now complete and has already enjoyed its first weekend of cabin life! When we left off last week, all the prep had been completed and now we can’t wait to show off the completed Bandit:


With all the dirty work complete it was time to get to the show end of this beast!


We installed our rear seat kit with the rear LED lights!


Next came the roof supports.


The roof and new factory upholstery got installed along with some custom pinstripping.


A rear view mirror completes the road ready package, for safe commutes to and from the beach.


With the bandit complete we couldn’t wait to get it outside and snap some pictures…and take it for a ride of course.


What an awesome looking machine!


A quick shot of it on the road, it has a great stance.


The new brushed aluminum grills with raised SC carts logo looks amazing.


We loaded up and headed out to Vancouver BC.


In Vancouver getting ready to offload the bandit so it could make it’s way to Washington.

We had a blast building this cart for an amazing family that is already putting it to use at their cottage!

Have you caught up on part 1?