Custom Precedent Cabin Cruising Border Bandit

We are so excited to get this next custom cart off our lift and off to our newest SC cart owner! While many of our carts are shipped via private carrier to their out of town destinations, we are stoked to be heading down to Vancouver this weekend to personally deliver this sweet custom cart. {And you’ll also find us out in Vancouver along the lululemon Seawheeze half marathon course cheering on 10,000+ runner!}

Although the Border Bandit will be delivered to Vancouver, it’s real home will be a resort in Washington and it has all the goodies to enjoy cabin life! This cart boasts 12″ chrome rims and 23″ off road tire package, cyber gray paint, a folding rear seat kit for hauling, a road ready package, as well as a few other accessories! Enough about our excitement — check out how this cart is shaping up:


On the lift and ready for the SC Carts royal treatment!


We aren’t messing around this bad boy buggy is getting a 6″ A arm lift kit, so the entire front end has to come off.


The main front lift components are getting installed.


Next we completed the front end lift install and installed the 23″ off road tire package.


Some of the best times at the cabin are cruising around visiting friends at night, so a light kit is a must. Our customer is going one step further and getting our road ready package, which includes a horn, signals, and brake lights.


With the front end buttoned up, we moved on to the rear end of the cart and did a complete overhaul on the drivetrain, fresh fluids, complete overhaul of the brakes with new brake pads and now it’s ready for HD suspension.


Here’s another angle to show you just how much we take apart to get this lift installed properly.


With the rear end complete we installed HD leaf springs and the rear wheel package.


Next we installed the pedal group and set the brakes.


Next we headed into the paint booth and laid down some PPG epoxy sealer.


After the epoxy sealer had flashed it was time to lay down the Cyber gray basecoat, this color looks awesome in the sun!


To keep that basecoat protected and looking good for years to come, we lay down some PPG clear coat, this also gives that glossy finish.


With the paint drying we installed a chrome horn, to match the chrome rims.


Next we installed the rear underbody to finish the rear end of the cart.


Next the front underbody caps off the front end of the Precedent. It’s starting to take shape now.


Powering this beast will be the Trojan T-1275 a beast of a battery!


With the battery pack installed we took the Bandit for a test drive and it drives awesome, you feel like a Bandit in it!

That’s it, come back next week to check out the final result, or if you want to see it before hand follow along on our Facebook Page as we deliver it to our new customer in Vancouver BC!