The Tangerine Dream Precedent @ Predator Ridge *part 2*

The tangerine dream is complete and it’s sweet orange paint is something made for sweet, sweet dreams! When we left off last week, the paint was drying and the rims & tires had been installed but things really started to shape up after that! Check it out:



With the paint dry we got the rear body installed on this custom Precedent.


Next we used our CNC router to cutout a custom cooler mounting bracket.


We then took the custom bracket to the press brake and formed so it would act as a tray for the rear sliding cooler.


Here you can see the rear cooler and the custom upholstery starting to be installed.


Next we installed the rest of the upholstery, the front body and the windshield.


With a couple more finishing touches it was time to get this beauty outside.


The House of Kolor candy paint on this cart is amazing, it has so many different shades of tangerine and orange depending on the light.


Another shot and yet another different color.


How awesome is this custom upholstery! Carbon diamond stitch with tangerine candy piping.


A shot of the cooler all tucked away under the sweet seats.


The owner driving his cart onto at Predator Ridge Resort.

This was one cool overhaul, and our customer loved it! We will be building many more custom carts for Predator Ridge home owners, but you won’t find another one in this color…this is a promise we make to our customers.


Did you see part 1?