Club Car Precedent Copper Penny on 10s *part 2*

When we left you last week, the Copper Penny was just some old wheels & a chassis, but this week she’s alive and ready to rock! With brand new Trojan Batteries, single point watering system, and rear under body installed, this cart will be a smooth ride when it heads to its new home at Predator Ridge!


Brand new Trojans installed, they will soon be powering this classy cart all around Predator!


A closer shot shows our HD cables installed, all of our carts get brand new heavy duty cables!


A brand new rear underbody was installed to finish off the rear of this cart.


A new front underbody was installed, but this front end will be like no other Precedent before!


What you are seeing is the first Precedent with headlights in the cowl.


These aren’t just regular headlights, these are LED headlights! Wait until you see this front end come together.


We installed the single point watering system, this will ensure the batteries are easy to keep maintained.


Now onto the cosmetic end of things. We start with the long process of masking the wheels so that we can lay down some custom paint. This is a long tedious process, but it this little things like this that make an SC Carts cart!

Come back next week to see how this cart comes together! Your going to love the classy outcome.

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