Candy Apple Red Custom Cruiser *part 2*

What color is “candy apple red”, anyways? There was great debate at the SC Carts shop while this paint was curing as to what color candy apple red should be – light or dark red… Needless to say, one of us was very wrong … but in the midst of the great debate, I realized it has been far too long since I had a candy apple! Add that to the bucket list of things that are a must do in the Okanagan this summer!

thanks google for settling all great debates….



This doesn’t look like candy apple red…that’s because it is the base we put under the candy, this is the color that actually gives the candy it’s depth! On a side note, this would be a beauty color on it’s own.


That’s better, 3 layers of candy and now it’s starting to look right.


BOOM!!! Beautiful House of Kolors candy apple red!


Three heavy coats of clear really bring out the depth of this color.


While the paint is drying we got back to putting this beauty together. The rear underbody…check!


LED headlights have been very popular this season and for good reason, they are amazingly bright!


How classy does this look!


Just about complete, you sure can see the depth in the color and the custom SC Carts grill really finishes the front end off nicely!


Look at this color out in the sun, amazing!


Another shot of this beauty of a cart before we load it up and deliver it out to it’s new home at Predator Ridge Resort!

They say it’s not the suit that makes the man, but in this case we say it is! And the color is the suit and that is what makes this cart a head turner! We guarantee our customers will be getting compliments on the color for a very long time to come!


Are you caught up on part 1?