Bird’s Nest Custom Golf Cart – Gallagher’s Canyon *part 5*

This cart sure rocks our socks! We pushed through some long days in the sweet sweet Okanagan heat last week to get this cart to its new home for the weekend and we just LOVE the final product. {It’s okay to love your work, right?!?}

This custom golf cart is the VERY first Club Car Precedent to encompass a DOT approved glass windshield and it didn’t disappoint. The look was spot on in the SC Carts custom roof system. So without further adieu, check out how this cart came together this week:


We installed a custom roof mounted stereo system for some cruising tunes!


Next came the SC Carts custom DOT approved windshield, what a beauty! The first one ever in a Club Car Precedent.


We couldn’t sit and admire the SC Carts roof system to long, there was still plenty to do, like install these amazing custom seats. Did we mention we build these in house too.


It’s really starting to come together.


After some programming we took to our CNC router table and cut out a custom front vent system to allow cool air to flow into the cabin of the cart.


How “cool” is this! No more scratched windshield.


Of course this cart needs our custom floor mat and side sills.


Our customer wanted us to add this custom touch, we are pretty sure there is a double meaning behind it 🙂


Isn’t this one cool stance! What an amazing cart!


Getting ready for the delivery to it’s new home!


Parked on the driveway at Gallagher’s Canyon, certainly the nicest cart in the community.


One final picture of this amazing machine!

If you couldn’t tell we are very proud of this build, it is truly a one of a kind and a first for the Club Car Precedent with the SC Carts roof system! It has been an absolute blast building it…long hours, but a blast!

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