Bird’s Nest Custom Golf Cart – Gallagher’s Canyon *part 4*

We can’t wait to show this week’s progress on this custom golf cart… from the custom roof system to the flat black paint, this cart has some exceptional features. Check it out for yourself! 🙂


One last test fit of the custom windshield before the SC Carts roof system heads off to powder coat.


The frame being delivered to powder coat.


Did we mention this bad boy has dual drink dispensers! You can see the tank connections just poking up.


How about this mean looking paint job, satin black paint looks awesome!


Next we drilled a couple holes in the sweater basket to accept the push buttons for the drink dispensers.


We installed the satin black body along with the sweater basket.


Next came the front body and of course the SC Carts roof system!


This cart is looking very sweet! You can also see the cooler mount has been installed right next to the drink dispenser controls, this side of the cart will be the mix station.


A quick look at how nicely the roof panel contours the our custom roof frame.


With the cart up on the lift it was a good time to drill a couple big holes in the fresh paint.


The rear taillights finish of the back of the cart nicely!


If you have dual drink dispensers you obviously need dual fillers! One thing is for sure, you won’t be short any friends when you are cruising in this cart!

It’s getting close to wrap up time on this awesome cart, next weeks post will show the cart all finished up and off to it’s new home at Gallagher’s! Come back and check it out. Don’t forget to like our Facebook page to check out all the action mid week!

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