Blazing Blue BMW 3 Series Inspired Custom Cart – Predator Ridge

Inspiration comes from all sorts of places for our custom cart designs and this next cart will have features that match the customer’s BMW 3 series. This cart will show off a sweet custom upholstery design {inspired by the BMW’s interior} and 12″ dark flex rims!


This cart is up on the jacks getting it’s thorough refurbishing!


The brakes now look and operate just like new!


After the front end passed inspection it got the complete detail.


The brakes drums are refinished and the paint has dried so back on they go, this buttons up the rear end mechanical process.


All the wires have been tightened and the rear diff serviced and ready to roll…literally!


Next the 12″ custom flex dark tint wheels were installed, how awesome do they look. They are also very similar to the customers BMW rims.


The custom upholstery looks so good! It is a virtual match to the BMW 3 series interior.


Our customer is going to have to look twice to see if he is in his BMW or his SC Carts cart 🙂 Come back next week as we move forward with this very cool build!