Predator Ridge Electron Blue Cruiser

electron blueElectron. Blue. Gorgeous color, right? We think so and we can’t wait to put this blue with charcoal upholstery on this next custom Club Car Precedent custom golf cart build. The next cart that will be coming out of the SC Carts’ design factory boats 12″ rims, custom paint, LED headlights, and a custom floor mat. This cart is going to be one classy gem rolling through the beautiful hills of Predator Ridge!


The start of all custom SC Carts…on the surgery table!


The front end getting inspected, tightened, lubricated and cleaned. The first steps to a smooth great handling SC Cart.


The rear end inspected, adjusted and cleaned, even the frame has been hand cleaned.


The finished front end looks just like a new cart! Also the rims are installed…


and they look awesome!


These are not the common rim you have seen, and that in itself is awesome…we love at how clean they look, just wait until you see the blue with this rims.


New Trojan T-875’s will be the heart of this classy electric machine.


The upholstery looks amazing…


so amazing we had to show you an up close shot. This is an oxen finish and it is an exceptionally classy material.


Check out this color! How awesome is this going to look with the upholstery and the custom rims, what a beauty this is shaping up to be.

We think this is a great place to park it for this week! Check back next week to see this beauty come together. There are some beautiful touches ahead for this custom SC Carts Precedent.