“Flex”ing on 12’s *part 2*

This cart is no longer “flex”ing and is now “shift”ing on 12s! Say whaaaat?!?

Last week, we left off when the refurbish was complete, the rims & tires were installed, and the underbodies had also been installed. This week, you’ll see that we installed the white body and rebuilt the cart… and once the rebuild was complete, we thought that the shifts were a much better look for this cart. What do you think?


White OEM Club Car body installed and pinstriped.


Roof supports on and ready for the black roof!


Custom upholstery with a custom stitch pattern! The top stitching looks awesome!


Rim change! For the style of the cart these rims were the clear choice!


Our custom floor mat in grey! This cart is stylin!


Headlights and a custom grill will lead the way for this cart.


Time to head outside for a photo shoot!


What a beauty! Clean and sporty.


Shift 12″ wheels looking awesome!

This cart is now in our showroom but it could be in your garage! Check out our inventory page

Did you see part 1?