Murdered Out Club Car Precedent Island Cruiser

Like the title says this cart is going to be murdered (black on black on black on black) and as soon as it’s done it is heading to Port Alberni where it will live a happy life on the Island. We are loving the diversity our customers have which allows us to push our limits and build one of a kind machines.

This bad boy cart is rolling on 14’s and low pro tires and as you might have guessed they are black!

In this post we handle the business end of things with a sneak peek of the wheel and tire package…just enough to peak your interest!


The aftermath of the tear down on the Precedent.


With the cart torn down to bare bones, we started the “murder”process, the frame was the first think to go black.


Next we changed the steering column from gloss to satin black.


While things were drying we started the refurbishing of the cart, during our refurb we noticed a slightly bent steering rod, so off it came.


The part that is bent is actually the threaded end, the end with the big ball is a joint which moves.


Next we removed all the front end bushings…


and replaced them with all new ones. This front end is looking awesome.


A fresh set of OEM Club Car king pins were next on the list.


This mad max machine also got a new set of hubs! That about does it for the front end.


With all the grunt work done it was time to add some serious style, 14’s with low pros…the pictures don’t do it justice.


Both front 14’s installed and setting off what will be an amazing stance.


Next we moved to the rear end and installed new rear suspension, and all new bushings.


Of course with the big 14’s we needed to make sure the stopping power was up to the job, so of course this Club Car got brand new pads.


Of course you can’t hit the links with out cup holders…at least four of them 🙂


Is this thing sick or what! We love 14’s and these beauties are at the top of the love scale.


One thing is for sure you won’t have to worry about someone pulling up to the tee box next you with the same cart!

You don’t want to miss next weeks upload this cart is going to be amazing, in a bad type way 🙂