Gallagher’s Canyon Black Bullet – Custom Golf Cart from SC Carts *part 2*

The name of the cart, the Gallagher’s Canyon Black Bullet, is bang on in this case – with a top speed of 25 -27 mph &
32 ft/lbs, this cart definitely is a bullet! Last week, we completed the refurb, installed the rims & tires and batteries, and this week, we’ll show you how we wrapped this cart up!


We start off by getting the front underbody and roof supports installed.


Next we installed the rear underbody.


A brand new OEM Club Car body in black gets this cart looking good!


LED taillights cap off the back end of this little rocket!


We laid down some double silver pinstripe to tie the color combination together!


New OEM upholstery gives this cart a fresh look.


A rear view mirror will let our customer see the look on everyone’s face as he blows past them 🙂


This little electric buggy is looking cool!


We finished it off with a brand new Club Car cooler for the “sandwiches”


On the truck ready to be delivered out to Gallagher’s Canyon.


Last one on the trailer, what a beautiful day to deliver it!


Here it is parked at Gallagher’s, the new owner had to park it next door at his neighbors, as it was move in day at his house and his driveway was blocked by the 53′ moving truck!

What a great looking great, and what a great customer to work with! We enjoyed building and delivering this cart to it’s new home!

Did you see the first half of this build?