Gallagher’s Canyon Black Bullet – Custom Golf Cart from SC Carts

We’ve just started exploring the sweet resort of Gallagher’s Canyon, which is nestled in the heart of Kelowna. When you’re getting around this awesome golf resort community, there is no better way than by golf cart! This next cart we’re working will be leaving us shortly to head up to explore Gallagher’s Canyon! The next cart on the lift is fully refurbished (of course!), and will feature new Trojan batteries, a custom 12″ rim & tire package, head lights, and a top speed of 25-27 mph!


Stripped down, pressure washed and put on the lift, it’s go time!


Off with those plain stock wheels.


The front end coming apart, to make way for the refurbishing process.


Front end components removed and inspected, degreased and ready for paint.


This front end got all new bushings. Shes going to handle like a dream.


The front end reassembled and looking good, notice how we blacked it out as well!


Here’s a great shot to show you the nice stance of this cart.


Sweet set of 12″ custom rims finish off the front end.


Next we pulled the motor to make way for something fast…


New brake pads and a complete overall on the braking system.


Refinished drums finish up the rear end on this sleeper!


There’s a great look, all four tires on and just about to get off the jack stands.


Here’s what is going to set this machine apart from the pack, the SC Carts Speedster motor.


This motor always brings a smile to our face!


To power the Speedster, we installed brand new Trojan power!

Make sure to come back next week, or checkout our Facebook page for a sneak peak of the finished machine.