Blacked out Tobiano cart with 12 inch dark flex rims *part 1*

Last week, we had 5 carts head out the door in 6 days and now it’s time to show you some new carts we started on this week!

We love when customers choose brand new rims! Not only will they be the only ones cruising around their resort with the new style, but it gives us the opportunity to show you just how beautiful the rims look on different carts. To say we’re a fan of the new flex rims is an understatement and these dark tint rims don’t disappoint! What do you think of these new rims?



On the lift and ready to be transformed into an SC Carts cruiser.


Some carts need bushings, some need king pins, some need both!


Front end torn down and ready for some love.


Yup this cart is getting the blacked out treatment.


Cleaned, degreased and painted.


All new bushings going in the front end. It will make this front end as tight as new and whisper quiet.


New king pins installed, this front end already looks mean.


Everything reassembled and looking like new, that’s how you rebuild a front end!


How about these beauties! Dark tint Flex 12″ rims! Saweeeeeet!


Ok rear end your turn! Time for the magic.


New brake pads are in order here.


With the brake pads removed we cleaned and prepped the chassis along with the brake system so we could black them out. You can also see we added Club Cars new HD leaf springs. This will ensure no sagging of the suspension when you have people riding on the rear seat.


The other side got the same treatment!


That’s where we leave this custom cart this time, come back next week to see the completed cart. If you can’t wait that long head to our Facebook page to see the finished cart by the weekend… this one is heading to it’s new home soon!