SC Carts White Stretch Golf Cart – Predator Ridge *part 2*

When we left you last week, this cart was down to bare bones but it didn’t take long to get this sweet hot rod back together! Check out the completed custom Club Car Precedent stretch:


The boys in burgundy powering this beast!


Here is our SC Carts Torkster package all final wired, what an animal this package is!


This stretched hot rod is ready to be put back together.


First the bodies get installed, doesn’t take long for it to start looking like something again.


Next we installed the brand new OEM white Club Car roof and our custom made aluminum floor center section.


Then we installed our custom SC Carts stretch floor mat and the front seat pod. Our customers wanted a bit more leg room up front so we moved the seat pod back 3″


We reinstalled the seats to do a test fit to make sure everything was comfortable.


We had to make some custom seat brackets to allow the installation of the Club Car Precedent seat back. It was no problem with our new CNC router table.


If you remember originally this cart had a set of two piece, white side sills. With our new CNC table we were able to cut out the side sills in a single piece. We also widened them up to tie in with the look of the cart.


Here are the new side sills sitting in place ready to be installed. This things look and fit sweet!


We added a black gloss logo to the side sills, just to finish of the custom look of this amazing cart.


The floor and the side sills finish this cart off!


Our SC Carts upholstery division has been doing some amazing work!


Like the rest of our custom carts, this one is getting our new battery fuel gauge as well!


A rear view mirror completes the upper roof section, it looks good and as an element of safety as well!


We went with our red logo grill on this cart, it’s a bold cart so it needs a bold grill!


All finished and ready for delivery! What a beauty.

Here it is delivered to it new amazing home at Predator Ridge Golf Resort. An amazing cart for awesome customers!

Here it is delivered to it new amazing home at Predator Ridge Golf Resort. An amazing cart for awesome customers!

We were a bit sad to see this beauty leave our shop, but we know it has a great new home and now we are on to the next project.

Be sure to check out how we got here in part 1 and also head to our Facebook page to see what we are up to every week!

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