SC Carts White Stretch Golf Cart – Predator Ridge

Here at SC Carts, we love Predator Ridge. Not just for the fabulous golf courses, or the breath taking views, or the awesome hiking trails, but also for the wonderful people that we get to meet that live up there! This next cart we’re building is also going to a new home up at Predator Ridge. This time, we’re taking this Club Car Precedent stretch that we had in our current inventory and jazzing it up to suit the new owners’ style!



For those who follow our blog on a regular you will have seen this cart being built in a previous post. This is what we are starting with, pretty awesome as is…but just you wait!


Our customers wanted just a few minor changes πŸ˜‰ Off with the seats, roof and supports.


Next we pulled the body off!


Next we removed the rear underbody to make it easier to work on the motor and controller area. Did you sport the wheel and tire package change!!! These new wheels give it an awesome look!



Here you can see the Alltrax controller and high torque motor. This cart already had a lot of oomph, but it wasn’t SC Carts oomph. So with only a couple of test drives on this package we are pulling it out and putting in our SC Carts Torkster package!!! Oh ya this bad boy will be able to pull a house when we are done with it!


After we removed the Alltrax controller and AMD motor we removed the teak colored SC Carts floor mat and aluminum floor boards. Here at SC Carts we build our own stretch kits. Our frames are sleeved and welded as opposed to the factory Club Car stretch kit which is bolted together.


Drum roooooooll please! Ah the Torkster, it puts a smile on our face every time we get to install one of our custom motor packages!


There she is in all her glory! Just waiting to get hooked up and power this beast of a cart!


Here is the controller portion of our SC Carts Torkster package. Now there may look like a lot of wires here…and that’s because there is πŸ™‚


To make sure the current is controlled from the battery pack to the controller and ultimately to the motor, we installed this huge contactor and ran some oversize wiring. If you just put in big components and don’t put the proper support parts in you will be asking for trouble!


Our upholstery department have been flying by the seat of their pants trying to keep up with all the custom seat orders this season. All four skins ready to be installed on the seat frames.


How about the insert on these, this is going to be one sweet cart!

Come back next week as we start getting this beauty all back together.