Predator Ridge Brandywine Precedent with 14″ Chrome Rims & No Lift *part 5*

This fabulous cart has been featured in our showroom the past few weeks and it definitely is a head turner. From the 14″ chrome wheels, to the custom Brandywine paint, to the custom upholstery, this is one rich & classy cart. In just a few weeks this cart will be cruising around the lovely streets of Predator Ridge with other SC Carts! This cart was close to completion in our last post in February, and now it has all come together! This week we added the gorgeous 14″ chrome rims, electric fuel gauge, batteries, battery trickle charger, and a few other touches. Check it out:


First we added the mirror … with the road ready package, it always make sense to add the rear view mirror for safety!


Then… the moment we have all been waiting for:  THE RIMS!  —> This is the BEFORE


TADAH —> AFTER!!! These rims are amazing and they finish this cart off perfectly.


It was time to get this beauty outside and snap some pictures. This cart is amazing!


Another great shot of this class Club Car Precedent. The bar has been raised with this beauty.


Our custom upholstery division is putting out some amazing seats.


This cart got one of our custom card holders as well.


Almost all of our carts are now getting the electric fuel gauge! It just makes sense.


How about these classy under lights to make the cart standout even more! Wait until our customers pull up to the look out at night and sit back enjoying a glass…or two 🙂 of wine!


Under the custom Precedent upholstery is 6 Trojan T-875 batteries and the new battery maintainer, another must have for long term storage.

We can’t wait to deliver this cart to its new home!   If you didn’t see part 4, you can check it out here.