New *Special Vehicle Division* (SVD) at SC Carts – Project 1 *part 2*

We got you all revved up about the new SVD back in February and then left you hanging. Forgive us?  We’re sorry! With custom carts on order, we’ve been tinkering away on this cart slowly but now we’re ready to show you what we’ve been up to! That, and we had a customer come in and pick out this cart so the heat is on to get this cart out the door before the end of the month. Woo hoo we can’t wait to see this cart come to life!~

Yup – you heard right, we had a mother and son come in looking for something special for their husband/dad & as soon as they saw this cart and we explained what we were doing with it they said they had to have it.


I’m sure by now some of you are starting to figure out exactly what we are building. This is going to be a one of a kind cart!


Here we formed up some custom brackets out of aluminum plate.


We then attached these custom brackets to the seat backs.


Next we cut some custom tubing and fit them to the seat backs, then welded it to the aluminum frame.


We removed the seats and gave everything a couple more good tack welds.


Then we removed the frame and tig welded the entire thing.


At the same time our custom rear mat showed up and we test fit it. It looks like it is going to be perfect!


We then fabricated a custom bimini frame. If you didn’t know what this themed cart was themed after that should be a dead give away!

Come back next week as the race is on to get the custom fabrication complete and get the aluminum off to powder coat!

 If you didn’t see part 1, you can get caught up here!