LUXE Red Fox Phantom Custom Club Car Precedent *part 5*

It’s been a few weeks since this cart was on the lift and we can’t wait to show you this red Phantom this week! Can’t even lie – every touch that gets added to this cart makes us even more excited to see this cart complete. This sweet LUXE cart just looks better and better with every accessory – from the black wheels, powder coated frame, red Phantom body, and more, we think our customers really nailed the design of this cart! Well that’s enough about what we think… what do you think about this cart? 🙂


Well after patiently waiting for it’s time to shine, this beauty got it’s rear Phantom body installed. You can already tell it is going to be one sweet machine!


Next the rear basket and roof supports were installed.


Once we freed up a lift, we rolled the Phantom on it and installed the roof.


At the same time as the roof install, we installed the mirror as well. Now the customer will be able to see everyone checking out his sweet Club Car!


For keeping the golf balls and clubs tidy, we installed the washer.


For those rainy days, which we hope the cart never sees, we installed the Club Car factory club cover.


Oh momma! Now it’s coming together, how sweet does the red body and the custom wheels look together!


Powering this pavement pounder is non other then a set of brand new Trojan T-1275’s with a single point watering system for easy maintenance.

Ok that’s it for this week, I am sure the owner is getting excited now and there is still some awesome things to come for this buggy! You have to see it all come together, so make sure you are back next week.

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